Behind The Scenes: Ep. 3 The Lawsuit

Deep in the bowels of The Nug Nation studio, we meticulously bring cannabis to life. Frame by frame, characters emerge from strains of weed, strictly for your amusement and ours. As the process unfolds, our staff tirelessly strives to create timeless content. And as part of our weekly blog series, we thought we would share some of the more intimate, behind the scenes moments with all of you.

So please enjoy, as we have, the making of The Nug Nation Ep.3: The Lawsuit.

The Nug Nation show co-creators Dylan Pfohl (right) and Mikey Peterson (left) create show characters from fresh cannabis.


Sketch of courtroom, before build out.


Nug Judy’s courtroom in the process of set construction.

The completed courtroom with all cast on set!

Mikey doing one of his favorite things, shopping in the toy department.

Tim creates Dixie Brand bottles for gas station scenes while Dylan downloads footage in the background.

Mikey gets into a very sticky situation while attemping (and failing) to create props for the show.

This is what Bong Burgundy looks like before he gets to make-up and wardrobe in the morning…

At the core of Affy’s defense, the footage caught on CCTV provides crucial evidence.

Quality sketch of the old west main street for the opening scene with Trainwreck and the local sheriff.

The stage is set for the opening scene, featuring outlaw Train Wreck and The Sheriff.

Interior of the gas station. The size of the camera gives a sense of the scale and how small the “Nugs” are.


Dylan animates “Daddy” (Grand Daddy Purple) as he takes a spill inside the Nug Nation gas station, lawsuit soon to follow.

The darker side of “Affy” is revealed in the dungeon footage accidentally played in open court.

Dylan animating the episodes final scene.

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the making of Ep.3 The Lawsuit.

The Nug Nation Team