A Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of “Angel In My Pocket” Music Video

Here at The Nug Nation, we enjoy playing with weed all year long, but recently we got to take our “nug play” to a whole new level!

We were recently approached by a producer pal of ours, Potsy who lives and works in Nashville, TN. He worked with Billy Ray Cyrus on a TV show and pitched him the idea of letting us create his next music video and turn him into a Nug. He said yes!

For two very long weeks, the team here at The Nug Nation worked tirelessly to make the impossible deadline. (We had two weeks to do a video that would normally take two months.) But we somehow pulled it off. And we’re pretty darn proud of what we accomplished. Here’s the official video:

Everything starts with a storyboard.

Next we build characters and sets.

Next we shoot and edit, endlessly!

And after two weeks of bad food, sleepless nights and a neverending supply of redbull, the project was complete.

Please share with your friends and stay stoned.

The Nug Nation Team