Letter To The Editor

Open Letter to the Editor of The Nugville Gazette

We at The Nug Nation believe in world peace, free energy, clean air & water and access to healthcare; a world of abundance where unicorns fly over rainbows and everyone has access to cannabis.

But since that place doesn’t exist, we’re content to live in our Utopian society, Nugville. There, we laugh, burn incense made of fairy wings, get really high and take the most depressing news headlines and mold them into hilarious puns.

We recently poked fun at our current commander-in-chief because, well, it’s easy. To be fair, we poke fun at anything and everything that provides an easy platform for gut-busting hilarity and President Trump gives us plenty of opportunity. Like shooting fish in a barrel…(what a stupid metaphor, why would there be fish in a barrel?)

Anyway, the point is that a flag-waving, overly patriotic citizen took offense to our humorous little video. And while we at The Nug Nation value everyone who stumbles across our little show, we consider ourselves equal opportunity bashers. We make fun of Democrats and Republicans alike. Vegans and Carnivores. Stoners and War on Drug activists.  Trophy hunters and animal activists. Christians and Atheists. Soccer moms and sluts. Playboys and choirboys. Okay, you get the point.

So, if we’ve offended you with our off-color humor, we’re sorry. Actually, no we’re not. Wait, yes we are. We’re not sorry we offended you, we’re sorry you couldn’t get past a personal belief long enough to have a good laugh.

In closing, we hope you find the right self-help book, course, meditation, shaman or prescription drug that will help you shift your perspective to appreciate our brand of humor, regardless of who we poke fun at. (As a side note, Cookie is rumored to be holding self-help classes, check her blog for more details.)

If you weren’t offended by our post, please disregard the above.

The Nug Nation