The Nug Nation X Chiefton Supply

Letter to the Editor:

We at The Nug Nation believe in safety first. Well, to be honest, it ranks somewhere in the top two hundred, but numbers aren’t important. What is important, is that there are literally thousands of things to be afraid of. Alien attacks, driving while sexting, social media bullies, prescription drugs, tragic car accidents, anyone who doesn’t look and think like you, our President, parasites, clowns, dictators, etc. (are some of those the same??)

Need proof? Just watch the news; talking heads are hard at work scaring you into submission, whatever that means. And while we no longer buy into their scare tactics, many nugs still do.  And that’s where we can help.

Recently, The Nug Nation teamed up with Chiefton Supply Co., the popular, cannabis inspired line of clothing. The super cool folks at Chiefton were kind enough (or they saw a unique business opportunity) to work with us in designing a new line of hats and shirts inspired by our show and beloved characters. The hats even have a nifty joint caddy; a special place to keep your smokables, if you remember it’s there.

We even made a cute little video to celebrate the new line, which you can watch by clicking here. And while we strongly believe that our new line of clothing can deflect the negative energy constantly bombarding you from news agencies, it hasn’t been scientifically proven (or even tested). But we feel confident that wearing our hats and shirts will protect you from loads of bullshit spewing from your TV.

Luckily for you, it’s available NOW! So stop being subconsciously manipulated by negative crap by wearing our outstanding, unproven, negative blocking clothing. Show your support for The Nug Nation while protecting yourself from unwanted outside influence.

Or, alternatively, you could just stop watching the news. But if you’re not ready to do that, click here to buy your protective and super awesome Nug Nation branded clothes!

The Nug Nation and our good friends at BurnTV.